Monday, October 19, 2009

Reader Question: Invisible Socks


Okay, this Q is a bit late in the season, but I'll file your answer away for use next spring/summer.

I like the look of wearing loafers without socks when it's hot, but I hate the feel (and smell) of wearing shoes w/o socks. Do you have a suggestion for socks/stockings that cover only the necessary parts of the foot w/o peaking above the loafer?

Thanks a million in advance!


Of course! Many men are uncomfortable with authentic socklessness, and opt for faking it with "no show" or "loafer" socks; extra low cut socks that sit lower than the top of your shoes. Get them in black or brown (or whatever color to match your shoes in case they play peek-a-boo). You can pick up these from Banana Republic, 2 pairs for $14.99.

Thanks for reading, SB


R said...

I live in PHX. I go "sockless" often with suits, etc... When it is 115 degrees, complete nakedness is not an option. So...I use the socks featured in this post. Every guy should have a bunch in his stash. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

I make my own socks. I go to some store in downtown Los Angeles where i can find some normal 5 dollar 3pack of mens dress sox. I then take a pair of scissors and hack away. It takes some skill to get it just right, when i wear my loafers i use a different cut. When i wear my wingtips i cut them differently. The idea is to get as much coverage as possible whithout any sock showing.

SB said...

Hah! I love it! -SB

Patrick said...

I ran into the same dilemma last summer. The Banana loafer socks are terrible; they kept on slipping. The Falke Family Step Invisible socks are much better; the 'Anti-slip silicone strips at back hold sock in place.' You can get it at Freshpair.

AC said...

H&M has these socks right now, $5.95 for 2 pairs... much cheaper than Banana, for what are only socks, after all.