Monday, October 19, 2009

Reader Question: Big Ben


Hi Dan,

I must congratulate you on your blog. It's been a great inspiration to many including myself. Like myself, I know you like to interchange formal and casual items. I have recently read your tip of the day on watches, despite it being posted short of 3 months ago, but it left me partially questioning myself. I'm a big fan of large watches and I've been seeking one for quite some time.

My question… I rarely see unconventional oversized (51mm) watches paired with a suit, they tend to be smaller, classier, and a bit more discreet. Will the white oversized one look odd and/or out-of-proportion?


Hey, thanks for reading!

51mm! That's not a watch, that's a wall clock with a wristband! Unless you're Shaq Diesel at 7'2" / 350 lbs, I think it'll look a little funny with a suit. Your shirt cuff*, and maybe even your suit sleeve, will likely not fit over it's gigantic case, causing it to distract from your outfit rather than add to it.

I am a big fan of that Nixon piece, and love the idea of a white ceramic watch as a way to break up a "dressy" outfit, but I'd stay in the 35-41mm range (which is still considered L - XL). Don't go with the super-played-out white G-Shock...I'm pretty sure Nixon makes some smaller sizes. Although if it were me, I would save the $2,400 to invest in a more suit-appropriate classic that I can grow old with and pass down to my children like the Cartier Tank Solo or the IWC Portuguese, and find another way to dress down my suits. But hey, it's your money.

Yours in style,

*for those who invest in custom clothing: did you know you can get your left (or right if you're a lefty) sleeve cuff adjusted to fit properly over your watch? Just ask your tailor!


John said...

That IWC is a really nice watch, but damn, $32K? I just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

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