Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow. Speechless...

Although the dominant theme will always be clothing-based, the subject of this blog is style, not fashion. There is a big difference. So once in a while I will feature things that I find stylish and inspiring, like this short film by Spike Jonze featuring Kanye West. This was originally supposed to be the music video for "See you in my nightmares", but this is the kind of thing that happens when two creative geniuses collaborate.

If you haven't noticed, I am a huge Kanye West fan. Yes, I know he has issues, but who doesn't? One of my favorite designers, Michael Bastian, nailed it when he said, "Kanye West does his own thing. What I love the most about his style is that he wears every designer in the world, but you don’t see the designer—you just see him.". With projects like the one below, he proves that he will continue to do "his own thing", and you or I will never be able to predict his next creative move.

The video may not be loading due to copyright issues. If so, try to check it out here.

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