Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The perfect pair of jeans

If there is one piece of clothing that every man should own it's a pair of A.P.C. New Standard jeans. They are the closest thing you can find to the perfect jeans. What makes them so great:

- Perfect fit. Straight leg. Slim but not tight. Loose but not baggy.

- Dark rinse that ages with you. The standard dark blue wash is the perfect blue jeans color...and if you don't think so, you can modify it by wshing them to a rinse of your liking.

- They get better with age, like fine wine.

- They are simple. No-nonsense medium sized back pockets. No over-the-top pocket details, no paint splattering, no beading, no super heavy stitching.

- They can be worn with anything - including a t-shirt and jeans or a tailored jacket and tie (as always. keep it on the slim side).

- They are plain enough that you can wear them everyday and nobody will notice. You literally only need one pair of jeans

In these tough economic time we are all turning to pieces that have great use value. At around $150, these are a great investment considering how much you can - and will - wear them.

Yours in style, Style Blogger

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Anonymous said...

i've read lots about these jeans but my question is where can you buy them? what stores carry APC? also, i've heard the sizing is a little difficult because they stretch so much. can you help?