Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Stay Classy, Stay Classic

A man should dress in a way that can be defined as classic. The most stylish men (including the Robert Redfords, Paul Newmans, and Brad Pitts of the world) consistently wear pieces that will never go out of style, pieces that can be worn often and pieces that can be mixed with different outfits - a classic white dress shirt, a dark tailored two button jacket, aviator shades, simple non-embellished straight leg jeans, etc.). When you really think about it, the clothing that Redford and Newman wore (in the era of "The Sting", for example) could be worn just as effectively in the modern day by equaly stylish guys like Pitt.

The take away message here is to be classic, wear things that will last the test of time, and ultimataly avoid looking "trendy".

Coming soon: alist of the classic essentials that every man should own. Stay Tuned.

Yours in style, Style Blogger.

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