Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's all about fit

It always blows me away when I walk into a high-end store (lets say Louis Vuitton for example) and I see a guy spending thousands of dollars on a blazer or a couple of dress shirts and when I look at him he does not look well-dressed at all. Although his clothes may look expensive (which is actually only noticeable to those who care enough to notice things like hand finished button holes, working cuffs, high armholes, etc.) the man himself does not look stylish or suave in any way.

Ninety five percent of the time (in America at least) the reason that this guy at the cash register does not look like a million bucks (or at least the thousands that he spent) is because his clothes are ill-fitted, more specifically, too big. His jacket is one or two sizes too big, he is wearing a 42 Long instead of a 40 Regular and his sleeves are eating his hands.

Every time I see this I am tempted to bring the guy to a store like H&M and buy him a $150 suit in the correct size, maybe bring it to a tailor for minor adjustments, and ultimately show him not only how much money he can save but also how much better he can look in his clothing, regardless of the label or the price tag.

Check out the before and after pics below...its all about fit.

Your in style, Style Blogger.

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Anonymous said...

Style Blogger,
Love the blog, your insight is spectacular. I currently am suffering from this baggy suit disease and needless to say, I look like a complete savage. The pants fit fine, but the jacket is ginormous. It is a standard black suit, so would you recommend buying a sport coat separately and keep the pants? Furthermore, I would love to hear some tips of how I can judge whether it is a good fit or not. I am working on a pretty tight budget, thus the stores in which I am shopping at do not have the best tailors. Thanks Style Blogger.
-Anonymous Savage