Friday, March 27, 2009

Reader Question: finding a better fit


Love the blog, your insight is spectacular. I currently am suffering from this baggy suit disease. The pants fit fine, but the jacket is ginormous. It is a standard black suit, so would you recommend buying a sport coat separately and keep the pants?

Style Blogger:

Hello reader, thanks for your question. I understand your problem and have come across this issue before. I don't know your proportions, but I can assume that a standard jacket-pant suit ratio does not work for you. In this case I would recommend buying 'separates' rather than a suit - basically its a jacket and matching pants that you purchase separately, in whatever size you need. As far as buying a new jacket to go with the pants you already own...I wouldn't recommend it. There are a thousand different shades and hues and shines to wool that make it very hard to find a perfect match. Instead, keep the pants you already have, you can still wear them as slacks...but buy new suit that match correctly in color. Any department store like macys would work. Thanks again for reading, good luck! Yours in style, Style Blogger.

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