Sunday, January 24, 2010

My New Ebay Store

Hey All,

Just a heads-up. I am constantly in the process of cutting down my closet, so from time to time I will be listing some of my beloved clothing/accessories for sale on eBay.

Check in for new items by clicking HERE (or click the new eBay link on the right side of the homepage).

Hope I can pass something on to my readers!

Yours in style,


Anonymous said...

don't sell that Madras blazer... it started it all

Anonymous said...

No shipping to Canada? Dan, don't forget aboot us in your humble home country!

Anonymous said...

I agree, don't sell the that Madras Browne Jacket it is legendary.

Few people can look as cool as you in that jacket.

From China with Sweaters said...

I could not see any products in Ebay. Anyway maybe I am a bit far to make the shiping! Too bad for me!

Ian said...

No more? :(

Wrecked Stellar said...

Nice- good luck with your store.