Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reader Question: Too Small for Velvet?


I was recently throwing together an idea for an outfit I had that involves a velvet blazer. When I showed friends and co-workers pictures, they all seemed to like the outfit. However, a couple people said the same thing, "You're too small for velvet." I'm 5'9" with a lean, rower's build. Could you explain why velvet may be a poor choice for me?


Thanks for reading. I'm really happy you asked this question!

I was just putting together a post with a message that goes something like this: don't let others decide what you wear! You should dress how you want to dress, in a manner that makes you feel good, and to express yourself. If I changed every time somebody commented on my outfit, I would have nothing to wear! With that said, it is also important to understand what works for you, and what simply doesn't (some people are haters, but some people are right when they say you look ridiculous).

Too small for velvet? Nahhh. Never heard of it. Besides, I hate "rules" like that. Keep in mind, though, that velvet does attract attention, so people will be looking. And when people glance, the first thing they'e going to notice is your most obvious physical attribute - body size, and in your case - your height.

It really depends on your level of confidence. Some guys are self conscious about their height or weight, and for those guys I recommend staying away from loud clothing such as bold pinstripes, bright colors and, yes, velvet jackets.

Hope this helps!

Yours in style,


openzedoor said...

Never heard of the 'too small for velvet' thing either. I do think it takes a particular type to wear velvet, though its more to do with confidence than anything.

Nice post

Sabir said...

Personally, I think rock the velvet blazer. I am 5'9" and 165lbs with an athletic build and I will throw some velvet on. If you feel good in it, let that swagger carry you through that outfit.


Anonymous said...

too small? really? I'm a big dude and i'm always worried about being too BIG for certain clothes. i have to make sure jackets are very slim-fitting or i look like a football player. and loud patterns and colors definitely make an impression when I wear them.

i always thought small dudes have MORE options with clothes.

i guess it's all in your attitude. :)

kc2608 said...

im 5'5". i wear wot i like I have never had an issue about my height and because I havent neither have others. The only thing I am "obsessive" about is my weight, but thats just down to being comfortable in my own skin.

Anonymous said...

Please. 'Too small for velvet'?

No chance.

I would be mindful of the length of the blazer, as personally at 5'10 I have short ass legs and dont want to appear swamped. But honestly. Wear the velvet blazer!

Matt Fox said...

"Don't let others decide what you wear! You should dress how you want to dress, in a manner that makes you feel good, and to express yourself." GREAT ADVICE!

Anonymous said...

I'd avoid velvet altogether.

Prez said...

I was the one who sent the e-mail, thanks Dan! I usually don't let people affect what I wear. This time, since I asked a couple friends in retail, I took it that there was some inherent aesthetic that just didn't seem to work with velvet.

stylewithbenefits said...

You're a wise man, SB. Great advice.