Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: A note on shin cleavage

There are certain little things, let's call them "pet peeves" for lack of a better expression, that can really ruin an outfit for me. One of them is the length of a guy's socks.

No matter how great a man's outfit is, if he crosses his legs and suddenly you can see a small area of pale, hairy leg between the top of his sock and the hem of his pants...attention is immediately drawn to it and it ruins his look. Yes, I am anal about details like this.

As a solution, simply make sure you buy socks that are long enough to cover the gap, and pull them up all the way. Remember, the shorter your pants, the higher they will pull when you sit.

I don't necessarily recommend this, but as a more extreme solution for guys who insist on crossing their legs but have extra-skinny ankles and thus have a problem with schlubby falling could try sock garters. If pulled-off (and up) correctly, I could imagine it being a really cool "retro" accessory with the right outfit.  After all, with lower east side hipsters bringing back old-school classics like black plastic frames, timex watches, doc marten boots and polaroid cameras...perhaps these are the next "cool" thing.


Yours in style,


Hackett said...

I think the term you're looking for is "sock garter" rather than "sock grader." There is also a "sock gaiter", but those are a bit closer to spats than what you're talking about here, I think.

SB said...

You're right, sorry for the spelling errors!


ghd said...

It will be very useful especially when the socks got loose.

davek48 said...

love love love! My friend that goes to Columbia read about you like in the back pages of some alumni newsletter or something and we were discussing this post last night over dinner! ...though I don't know that I have the energy for this...haha.