Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I just touched down...all around the world!!

Hey reader, you are not alone!

I always knew I had a pretty good following from the amount of email questions that I get, but I never knew the real "numbers". I'm also not the most tech-savy person in the world, so when a friend of mine introduced me to google analytics - a free statistics generator for my blog - I was absolutely blown away to see how strong my readership really is and how far and wide these posts touch down.

My intention in sharing these "stats" is not to boast, but rather to let you know that you are not the only one who enjoys reading about mens style. (Unfortunately, there seems to be a good number of men who are squeamish about admitting that they have an interest in "fashion").

If you were a reader from day one, you will remember that when I started this blog (only a number of months ago), my intention was not only to share photos, answer questions and offer unique styling tips for men, but also to create a kind of community, or meeting place for style-savvy men to share opinions and ideas. Therefore, I'm hoping that seeing this will encourage you to offer insights/opinions/responses via the comments section of the posts. I love it when readers comment. It's great to get feedback (either positive or constructive) and I sincerely enjoy reading other unique points of view, especially when they come from around the world.

So check it out! Below is a map of last week's readers:

My top 15 countries last week (M-F) were:

1. United States - 11,306 readers
2. Canada - 3,126
3. Brazil - 814 
4. United Kingdom - 710 
5. Australia - 262
6. Ireland - 160
7. Hong Kong - 120
8. Germany - 111
9. Singapore - 107
10. Poland - 105
11. Italy - 96
12. Spain - 82
13. Malaysia - 80
14. France - 77
15. India - 64

This information has certainly encouraged me to take this blog to the next level (I got big plans!), and I hope it will encourage you to share your own ideas with our worldwide community of stylish readers.

Yours in style,


L.A.S said...

What I do in a month, you almost do in a week. Goddamn! Congrats on all the success Dan.

Jason said...

Congrats on the continued success! I was not a reader from day one, but when I did stumble upon your blog it became one of my regular reads. Great stuff all around.

I have also encouraged a couple close friends to check it out, but you are right on the whole men's fashion stereotype that a lot of people have.

SB said...

Thanks guys! And continue to spread the word... this "old boys club" is word-of-mouth only (no advertising).

Dan (aka SB)

Rune Jensen said...

Donøt knmow if I'm the only danish reader, but I enjoy you blog.
Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Dan!

Great tips! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when I saw your spread online for the Esquire's BDRM contest. I imagine that win served as a springboard for your readership! Congrats on that win by the way, I have blatantly stolen a few of your looks from that spread. Continued success with the blog. The world awaits the tips!

Michael said...

I have read GQ, Esquire, and all that jazz, and I honestly believe that you are one of the freshest and most useful voices of fashion I have read yet. I enjoy your tips more than most professionals'!

Stephen said...

I've been following your great tips for some time now… although now that you realize how many people (from different countries around the world) read your blog, I wonder if you've ever posted something, but shortly after realized you regretted it?

Kiumore said...

it's a globalised world out there. ;)

Anonymous said...


I am an American currently living abroad and am proud to say I contributed to the 96 readers in Italy! Keep up the good work. Best of luck,

MN SL&E said...

South Africa stand up...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Checking in from India :-)

Barron said...

i'm sure your great content has something to do with your number of followers increasing. congrats man, keep it up.

Ramon Wickham said...

Haha I even realized you upgraded the name and took out the ".blogspot".

I can see big things in your future and I decided to stop by and wish you good luck & keep posting!

Leon said...

Put your hands up for Brazil!!
[and no, this isn't a stick up.]

Andrew said...

Congrats, Dan!

Now I feel all special to be one of the first followers such a short time ago; Haha.

Keep the details and tips comin, because no doubt the readership will keep increasing!

Things Is Cool said...

That's awesome. Congratulations!

jcrew guy in Canada said...

Just started reading your blog and quite like it. Looking froward to reading more of your work in '10.

Anonymous said...

An italian girl reads your blog too!!! :)
I was lookin for tips about a denim man shirt..and so I'm here!!!
nice blog!
greatings from Italy!