Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Dress like a cartoon!

So this is going to sound funny (no pun intended). You've probably never been advised to dress like a cartoon...but watching your favorite animated program can be a lesson in proper-fitting clothing! Don't ask me where I get this stuff...but most cartoon characters have perfectly fitting clothing (I know, because they don't have bodies).

The lesson here is that your clothing should follow the natural lines of your body. Your shoulder seams should hit at your shoulder (not hang off), your inseam should cover your leg (not too short showing your socks, and not too long bunching up at your shoes), your sleeves should hit straight down at your wrist (not bunch-up or hang into your hands), your collar should fit your neck (not hang off), etc.

Even Homer has a great tailor.

Yours in style,


DG said...

If a pair of pants reveals one's socks while one is sitting, would you consider that an indicator that the inseam is too short?

Al said...

No, that's perfectly normal.

MatWoodruff said...

I came across your site through, i just expected another fashion blog but i give all of them a chance. As i kept reading post after post i found myself truly enjoying each post. Also finding out we have a scary amount of stuff in common. I am also 6'2'', i used to be a sneaker head, and all of my friends in high school played basketball. I really like alot of your posts, and plan to visit regularly and comment more (something i rarely...actually never do on blogs)

Keep up the good work

Jason said...

I always get confused on pants vs jean inseam lengths and what to go with. I always keep a little "bag" around my ankles with my jeans, part of it is I still have nightmares of being accused of wearing "highwaters" as a young kid.

Anonymous said...

hah great post!

stylewithbenefits said...

This actually makes sense. Good tips!