Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reader Question: The Pant Problem


Hey Style Blogger,

Over time I've been able to find shirts that fit well, but have difficulty when it comes to pants. I've purchased a number of pants from brands like Banana Republic, but when I wear them under a fitted shirt/blazer they appear heavy/blocky. So getting that sleeker (not skinny pant) look is difficult. What brand/type of pants should I buy (that won't need to be chopped up at the tailor). I am willing to taper to 7" but want to know if there is more to it.  I am seriously considering having my mom teach me how to sew.



I know exactly what you mean. Since there are so many factors that go into their fit (waist size, seat allowance, thigh width, calf width, inseam length, ankle width, posture, how you walk, how the fabric drapes, etc.) it is very difficult to find a pair of pants that fit properly.

I struggled for years trying to find the perfect fit, including countless visits to the seamstress (some good, some not so good). The last straw was when I had to throw out some pants because they were so chopped-up that they looked like a home-ec project.

Then I went custom, and never looked back. Not only can you get the exact fit you are looking for, but you can also choose from hundreds of fabrics and customize all the details to your preference. It may be slightly more expensive, but I would much rather have 2 pairs of perfect-fitting pants (probably dark navy and medium gray to start) than 4 pairs of ill-fitting pants. Besides, if they fit properly, they will last much longer since there is less strain on them from everyday movement.

If you are in NYC, or plan on visiting anytime soon, check out my guys at MAB. You will love them.

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