Monday, October 19, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Say NO to designer belt buckles!

We get it. You went to Hermes, or Ferragamo, or Dolce & Gabanna and spent $300+ on a new belt, and you want everyone to know. The irony is, there is nothing that makes a man look more corny (and borderline insecure) than a "I paid alot for this!" belt buckle. Not only does it take attention away from your outfit, but it pretty much screams "fashion victim".

Instead fellas, go with something slim, classic and subtle, like this alligator skin piece by Martin Dingman for dressy occasions:

Or this rough and rugged bridle leather strap by John Varvatos for more casual times:

On a similar note, if someone asks you what brand name a piece of your clothing is, don't be quick to shout a high-end designer's name. It doesn't make you cool. Even if you remember the exact price and the sale associates face, play it cool and act like you don't remember. Modesty is charming.

Yours in style,


Jason said...

I always hated the look of buckles like that so good to hear I am not the only one.

I really like the look of that casual belt you picked out as an example, but it's a little pricey.


Alexander C. said...

Great advice Dan,

Belt buck buckles that scream for attention are just plain tacky. Buckles are one of the few accessories where less is more.

JustNorman said...

I'm not gonna lie i have to agree with you on that one. A+
the blog that no one knows about

Don Richman said...

I have said this same thing to numerous friends who think the designer belt buckles are acceptable (my least favorite are the Louis V patterned belts - terrible). However, I was proven wrong one time. The Cartier Santos belt ( is stunning in person and doesn't SCREAM Cartier. It's the same case that they use on the Santos 100 watch. To most non-watch aficionados, the belt looks like nothing more than a classy option.

All this being said, I can't ever recommend spending $500 on a belt. But I did want to point out that I was proven wrong about the designer belt buckle, but only once. Ha.

Love the blog Dan.

igor said...

how about big cowboy-style buckles from the vintage stores?

davek48 said...

I won't lie. I love the Hermes H belt... :/ haha.

Richard said...

Davek48 i'm with you. On the contrary i disagree with you all, i think those buckles put a certified stamp on you being a style savvy who doesn't mind bills when dressing up. did u get me?