Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reader Question: Slim & Tall


Great Blog, as always.  I'm 6' 6" with a slender body type and in a dress shirt my sleeve length is 36/37.  It's always been a challenge for me to to find long sleeve casual shirts that fit my arms. Most manufacture's XL shirts are way to baggy on me and look sloppy and I generally am better with a Large-Tall size shirt. Since a lot of the nicer clothing brands don't carry Tall sizes I'm limited in what I can wear and end up shopping a lot at Banana Republic, who does.  Any tips on how a tall man can expand his wardrobe and dress stylish?


Hey, thanks for reading. Coincidentally, after playing basketball in college, many of my friends are of the tall variety (think 6'6" to 7'1") so I can relate to what you are going through.

You have the right idea with not sizing-up just to get the added sleeve length. Definitely look for the Large-Tall size rather than traditional XL. Stick with shirts that fit you in the neck and shoulders, then if necessary you can easily get the sides taken-in at your local seamtress for about $10-$15. Between, and, who all carry tall sizes, you should have more than enough selection. Each one of these brands makes a quality product, so if you know how to put it together, you can look just as good (if not better) than shorter guys wearing the "for small guys only" high-fashion brands.

Hope this helps,


Anonymous said...

Reader - I have the exact same problem. I'm a 16.5" neck with 36" sleeve. XL always have way too much material.

SB is right - stick with the brands that carry L-T or buy XL and get the shirt taken in by a tailor.

OR - I've tried another option. Custom shirts. These days, you can get a high quality custom shirt starting at less than $100! Get your measurements taken by a professional and then you can even order from online custom shirt suppliers like or for example. Or your local custom clothing business. I get mine in seattle starting at $85! And the fit is impeccable!

Jason said...

SB thanks for posting and answering my question! I'll never understand why more men's clothing manufactures don't make tall sizes for their clothing lines. Seems they are leaving money on the table by not doing so as there are plenty of tall thin men out there.

The majority of your advice was right along with what I was thinking in terms of JCREW and BR. Truthfully it never occurred to me to get a XL casual shirt and take it to a tailor, so I will keep that in mind in the future.

Anonymous, I also didn't realize you could get a custom tailored shirt so cheap. Have you any experience with the two online vendors you listed in terms of their overall quality?