Friday, May 1, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Quality over Quantity

A $180 pair of shoes will last you twice as long as a $90 pair of shoes, but a $360 pair of shoes will last you a lifetime.

Indeed, I am a huge believer in buying quality over quantity, especially with shoes. You can only wear one pair at a time, so who cares if you have 35 other pairs of cheap shoes sitting in your closet? Here is a great quote from Ivy-Style's interview with Bruce "Almighty" Boyer, a former fashion editor for GQ and Esquire magazines:
"It’s better to have one good pair of shoes than a half dozen cheap ones, because the cheap ones look cheap even when they’re new, but the new ones look good even when they’re old. Quality by definition is the best you can get for your money. If you buy a pair of shoes for $500 and they last you 10 years, that’s $50 per year. If you buy a pair for $100 and they last you six months, which was the more expensive? I think the Old Money WASP guys were just cheap, so they always bought the best".

As a side note, maybe Mr. Boyer could answer this question...why do they make some pairs of shoes that, according to the formula above, could last almost 4 lifetimes? Maybe so that great-grandsons can wear them?

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Melancholizxx said...

hello sb!

your blog is just great!
just a few questions, what kind of shoe brands do you think are considered as "quality" shoes? that said, can i classify all luxury houses under quality products? and what are your top 5 recommendation for shoes, brand-wise?