Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Cocktail Party Etiquette

As usual, I found inspiration (after a few cocktails) by observing others in social situations. (Great party last night, thanks LN). So today's tip is in reference to cocktail party etiquette.


When I was a maturing young man I was, like most college kids, strictly a beer-drinker. I consider myself a man now, however, and as one of my favorite mentor's once advised me, "you act like a man, you dress like a's time to start drinking like a man". He summed it up perfectly: "leave the Bud Lights to the kids. Get something brown. In a short glass. Two ice cubes at the most. No straw. No Fruit. No umbrella or other BS. And lastly, don't be that guy who milks his drink so long that the ice is melted before you finish". (AT, 2008).

Hors D'oeuvres

Have dinner before the party, not at the party. Don't be that guy who's stuffing his face with the bruschetta and sushi rolls. If the only woman you are getting to know is the waitress because she knows you are sure to reach for a need to re-strategize.


A party, by definition, is supposed to be a fun time. Please do everyone a favor and save the negativity for your therapist, or your punching bag - however you get down. Don't complain to people you just met about your work, or how stressed you are, or how tired you are. Nobody cares. Bragging about how much you've drank or the girls you've been hooking-up with is no better. And lastly, don't bring up sentimental issues or difficult times that you know your co-partiers are going through...saying things like "so I heard you are having a hard time finding a job" is not only rude, it's also a major buzz-kill. Keep in mind, after all, it's a party. (sorry for being harsh, but someone last night irked me)

Thanks for reading gentlemen (and ladies).

Yours in style, Style Blogger.


Anonymous said...

What about crossing swords in the bathroom? Is that proper cocktail party etiquette?

Anonymous said...

there are 3 ice cubes in that glass.. epic fail.