Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reader Question: Polo Shirt with a Suit


Hey man!

I've just gotta let it be said: you have a great blog and impeccable style. I caught your profile on Esquire's Best-Dressed Real Man (back when I was competing myself) and found my way to your blog- and have since bookmarked and checked it pretty regularly. Just thought I'd let you know. Terrific style, man, really impressive.

Small question: Living in the south (Texas to be precise) in a bigger city we run into some fashion faux-pas regarding suits- not everyone wheres them to borderline formal events, instead wearing jeans and a button-down- sometimes a blazer. (no cowboy hats and boots, though, that's just a stereotype) If this is going on anyway, in the summer at least, is it too much to where a suit but, kind of the reverse of the button-down with jeans, where a short-sleeve lacoste polo instead? No tie, no dress shirt, but a polo with a suit?

Thanks and fingers-crossed on you winning the contest

Style Blogger:

Hey, thanks for reading and great question!

Personally, I love the suit & polo look (definitely more than the oh-so-common button down with jeans), but only when it is done correctly, which can be tricky. The trick is to know that the outfit overall is casual, so the rest of the look should follow suit (no pun intended).

Here are some guidelines:

- This look looks best when the suit is slim - especially in the shoulder, through the arm and through the leg. The suit also looks better in this case when it has slim lapels...and definitely stay away from peaked lapels. It should also have a deep "V" shape, which is most easily achieved with a 2 or 1 button suit.

- If you have a lightweight cotton suit (preferably unlined or half-lined), it would work best because of its casual and "summery" nature

- The polo should be a solid color, and the color should bounce off the suit, not clash (for example, don't wear a royal blue polo with a navy blue suit...try crisp white or bright yellow instead...after all, it is summer).

- Leave at least 2 buttons on the polo undone

- Your shoes should be casual. Loafers are great...and if you can pull it off slip on a pair of sneakers for a very chic look (see picture below)

- Leave the dressy leather belt at home...go beltless, or wear a casual one (ribbon or cotton-weaved are great)

- Don't tuck the polo in...and make sure it is the right length (see Tip-of-the-Day, April 25th)

- If you have working cuffs and can roll your sleeves up, this is your chance, do it!

- Lastly, if its sunny, slip on a pair of shades...they're the best accessory to finish off a summer look (see Tip-of-the-Day, April 21st)

Hope this helps brother!

Yours in style, Style Blogger

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Anonymous said...

the shirt collars are out here, is it a different rule with polos?