Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MJ vs. Lebron

Winner: Lebron (hands down, no contest)

Runner up: MJ

On the court, it's not so easy...


TO said...

This has to be an unfair portrayal of his airness. I have visions of MJ being one of the most stylish off the court, albeit the result of watching hours and hours of bias footage honoring his (otherwise objective) greatness. I remember reading about how he would line up all his outfits in his hotel room and meticulously prepare his pre and post-game wear far in advance. I believe he must have once had a much more sophisticated look and he obviously has become a style victim over time, proving he really is just another fellow human being after all...right?
On another note, I'd like to see you compare Clyde Frazier's style in his prime to any modern ballplayer

TO said...

I knew it Dan! It took me a while but here's proof of MJ's reign off the court (hint it happened back when he had prime reign on the court)