Monday, May 4, 2009

Reader Question: Casual Summer Shoes


First off I think you have great style and give you the utmost respect for that.

Second... I wanted to know your opinion on what a good casual summer shoe would be. I wear a range of traditional boat shoes, drivers, and I just ordered a pair of white (really off white) Vans authentic canvas sneakers for summer. I hope they will work. Love Chucks and Vans but open to any opinion. What do you think?


Style Blogger:

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support! As far as casual summer shoes...I guess it depends on your level of "casual". For the most casual times, I go with sneakers (vans, chuck t's, jack purcells, common projects...keeping them classic and neutral colored).

For slightly-less-casual occasions I often go with boat shoes - a very popular option for men right now. They have a similar look to loafers, but have an ease about them. Because I like well-made shoes, my favorite boat shoes are these (with black soles) from Rogues Gallery - hand-made in Maine and all leather - they are a little pricey though. I'm not sure about your budget, but here is a similarly made pair by Quoddy Trail at a slightly better price point - they are also all leather, hand-made in USA.

Lastly, the least casual option - but my go-to - is a classic loafer, sockless of course in the summer. I have a collection and I like to switch them up...but there is nothing more classic than the good 'ol Bass Weejun, which is also a great bang for your buck. Not only do they get better with age and last forever, but they are also very versatile and can cross the lines of casualness.

Hope this helps!

Yours in style, Style Blogger.


AthensStyle said...

WOW...this is the most PERFECT boat shoe I've ever see...Its been more that two weeks that Im in search for a boat shoes, I had made a short list of BALLY and ALLEN EDMONDS but this ROGUES GALLERY that you have as a link are the perfect ones....I must check if they make a delivery in Greece.

John said...

I just started reading your blog. i don't know if i'm going through a mid life crisis, but i'm been needing a complete style make over... about the boat shoes i want to get a pair of black ones, but in your blog you said you have black soles does it matter on the color of the sole?