Monday, May 4, 2009

Disheveled Elegance

I used this term in a post the other day and called it the "top look in menswear right now"...and I've been receiving questions about it. So let me explain.

In my opinion, there is a spectrum of how men dress. It ranges from those who don't care at all (dirty t-shirts, old running shoes, sweat pants...) to those who try-too-hard (over accessorizing, perfect hair, pressed jeans...). Disheveled Elegance is a term used to describe a man who's style falls somewhere in the middle.

The man clearly put some thought into what he is wearing, but it looks like he just threw it together on his way out the door. There are some imperfections, but it makes his outfit interesting. Most importantly, he is not trying to throw his style in anyone's face, it is natural and comfortable. This look is often easiest to pull off with pieces that are well lived-in and broken in.

Yours in style, Style Blogger


Anonymous said...

the term sprezzatura comes to mind

Gianni said...

What? No reference to The Sartorialist (or anyone else)? That's very uncool. It sure ain't stylish.