Monday, April 27, 2009


The weather continues to heat up...which means less options for men...which means, ultimately, more polo shirts. The polo shirt has generally become the go-to option for men for the warmer months. It's almost like a uniform - a uniform that comes in colors like lilac and pumpernickel.

I have very few rules for wearing polo shirts (aside from the fit, which we covered in yesterday's Tip-of-the-Day) but if there was one official commandment that all men should follow, it would be: Do not, under any circumstances, wear your collar "popped".

As a general rule, popped collars look great on layered light-weight jackets - a rugged leather zip-up for example, or , my favorite, a vintage denim piece ala Kanye West (see pic below). BUT a popped collar does not work for shirts. You don't want to look like the preppy rebel from your freshman year of high remember the guy who sat at the back of the class wearing his headphones and smoked cigarettes at lunch by himself.

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Jim said...

What about popping your collar on a peacoat, a la James Dean? (see below)