Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: untuck young man

Do not tuck in your polo shirt. Polo shirts are casual, and are not meant to be tucked in.

While we are on topic, the length of a polo is crucial. It should hit at your waistline and just hide your belt...not your thighs. Also, if your sleeves are touching with your elbow you need to size down. The sleeves should hit halfway between your shoulder and elbow, which gives you a chance to show off those biceps you've been working on all winter.

Enjoy the beautiful weather,

Yours in style, Style Blogger


Andrew Adams said...

You bring up a great point that I've always kinda pondered about. Especially in college as I am now- where all people where, myself included, is polos- it's nice to see there's a proper etiquette to it all.

Oh, and nice blog. I caught this off of Esquire's BDRM profile page accidentally, but it looked so useful I, by chance, bookmarked it for good measure. Nice insight, man. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Actually RL polo's have a tail, which is created for the purpose that the polo stays tucked in....

Anonymous said...

On the topic, is there anyway to find retail polos that are shorter (because in trying to follow this rule, the polos I have been finding are too long)