Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Heartbreak hotel

It breaks my heart to see a traveling man dressed-to-the-nines carrying a Nike gymbag or (even worse) a backpack. There should be just as much thought and effort put into the bag you carry as the rest of your outfit. After all, it is part of your outfit. For the record, gymbags are for kids on their way to the soccer field and backpacks are for your 4th grade nephew - or your neighborhood drug dealer.

For a great, easy-carrying brand of men's bags and similar goods check out Filson - think heavy-duty construction with thick canvas and genuine bridle leather handles. Also, they are a century old hunting and camping goods company so your bag will look manly and won't have that man-purse or over-the-top-designer feel. My top pick for a quick getaway: Filson's large travel bag:

Your in style, Style Blogger.

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