Saturday, March 6, 2010

UNDER CONSTRUCTION is in the process of revamping its website.

Check back soon for a new and improved site. 

Yours in style,


Eric said...

You should dig up the ol' Geocities "Under construction" jpg for this post.

Anonymous said...

When will the new site be up???

SB said...

Hopefully by the end of the week!
Just working out some of the 'kinks'.
Keep checking in! It is sure to be a big upgrade.


Andrew Adams said...

Hey man if you're in need of any 'branding' or design stuff, like I offered about a year ago, I'd be happy to oblige- as this site has helped me in all sorts of ways and I'd love to help it.

Style with Benefits said...

Looking forward to the revamp, SB!

Amy @ As Seen on TV said...

Yeah i think you're site is due for a new look. I would have at least grabbed a free template and modified it instead of the plain one you have already. Looking forward to the new look. A style blog should look stylish.