Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Layering: Denim Jacket

One of my favorite looks is finally hitting the streets in a big way. Recently I've been seeing denim trucker jackets worn as layers under outerwear. I love this look! (and have for some time). Here are some recent examples shot by GQ's new street photographer during NYC fashion week:

For the record, I've been rocking this for over a year now, but I'm an honest guy...I stole it from Kanye West, who has been pictured doing this as far back as 2008. Trend-setter? Love him or hate him, I think so!

If you're going to try this look, your best bet is to get a fitted denim jacket (preferably a vintage Levi classic trucker) and wear it buttoned, with your outerwear (darker in color and contrasting in fabric) left open. 

If you're not into playing copy-cat, this can serve simply as an inspiring "new" way to wear layers. At the very least, it can help you think outside the box. 

Yours in style,


Jahsoul said...

Noooooooooooooo @ SB..lol. J/K. That has been a major part of my wardrobe for a while now. I'm not going to lie, I took it from Ye too but I try to do more with it.....*keeping things under wraps until after April*

Scotty said...

Half of my classmates were wearing this during my last school years in Germany. Somewhere around 93.

So much for the trend-setting Mr. West....

David P. Hanesana said...

I have to admit, I may have been subconsciously influenced by Mr. West with the denim jacket as well. This fall/winter, I layered one under a down vest.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a fan. When this is done right, it's a great look.

Alan Eniang said...

Its a good look as you can add anything to it and pull it off! might have to invest in 1. thanks for the post