Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Save the Pastels for the Summer

I kinda thought this was a little too "common sense" to blog about, but today I saw two different guys wearing easter-egg-colored shirts, under heavy (and oversized) black overcoats.

Fellas, lets save the pastel colored shirts and ties for the summer time. I can't really explain why, other than it just doesn't look right in 35 degree weather. I'm not saying you can't wear color in the winter, just that the hues should be muted. If you insist on wearing pinks and purples, keep them darker, stronger pinks and purples.

Most of the time I agree with GQ's fashion team...but I was surprised to see a couple of the colors in their new "Ultimate Winter Shirt-and-Tie Wardrobe" feature.

The bright pink shirt (2nd in the top row), and the teal/aqua shirt (3rd in the 3rd row) would be hard for alot of men to pull of in the summer, let alone the winter. Otherwise, mostly fail-safe options.

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openzedoor said...

Pastels in the winter are just wrong. It doesn't even feel right to wear those shades. You need rich plums and warm chocolates. Just thinking about those colours warms me up.

Tim said...

I got that blue/red knit striped uniqlo tie months before GQ spotted it! The best thing about gq this month is Rihanna on the cover...

Karl said...

'' Pastels in the winter are just wrong''

Agreed. Light colors do not fit in the winter. Further, I'm not completely sold about a striped shirt and striped tie combination. Sometimes, it does look right however sticking with the one striped , the other is automatically solid state of mind seems more fashion savy.

Michael said...

Very interesting. Could you possibly through a post up about Winter season guidelines like this?

bartramixia said...

My young, fit, Miami-native internist was wearing a screaming teal today (at the north end of south Florida). So far, so good, but he needs that dark tie.