Sunday, December 6, 2009

SB Endorses: The Nato G10 "James Bond" Watch Band

As I've mentioned before, I only wear one watch. But I have a collection of bands and change them according to my outfit.

My new favorite watch band is the Nato G10 strap. It is 100% durable nylon and comes in a number of solid colors and stripes (the official "James Bond" edition being black/gray striped, as pictured).

The best part is, this great way to switch up your favorite watch can be picked up on eBay for about $15!

So feel free to pick up a couple different colors to add a unique punch to any outfit.

Dishing all my best-kept-secrets,


The Transient said...

Awesome band. Thanks for the recommendation.

manifolddestiny said...

Bad news. The band from Goldeneye wasn't actually gray and black. It just looks that way on video now. On Blu-Ray it's clearly Navy and Olive green, with possibly some red, though there's a chance that it's just chromatic aberration. See:

Here's the good news: Corvus sells them here:

And they are AMAZING.I have the RAF style on my Seiko Diver and it is absolutely stunning. I can't take it off.

Anonymous said...

You only wear one watch? Did'nt you win a nice timepiece in a certain contest...?

Jason said...

That doesn't look like the same watch as the one you have shown pictures of your blog.

Anonymous said...

...that's probably the point

Willis Wonka said...


goldeneye?? Don't you mean Goldfinger?