Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reader Question: Tiny Knot


Hey SB,

I’m really into this slim tie thing, but I’m 6’2, and whenever I try to make a knot, no matter if it is a four-in-hand or a Windsor knot, whatever I get is a really tiny knot. As a result, people stare at the knot itself (or the near non-existence of it) not the tie. I know a small collar may help, but, do you have any specific technique to make a good knot in a skinny tie?



Hey, great question! I know exactly what you are talking about, and it can be frustrating.

Yes, a smaller collar would help balance out your smaller knot (and would look very "of the moment"), although I am not a big fan of the tiny collar thing that has taken over in high-fashion. The trick is to use a higher quality, thicker (not wider, but more "gerthy") tie made of multi-ply silk. Regardless of the width of the tie, this will help give your knot some heft. If you are not up for getting all new ties, try knotting your tie further down its body, making it longer so that you don't have to pull it so tight (the looser you tie it, the bigger your knot will be). 

Short of that, I wouldn't go too crazy trying to reinvent your skinny tie prediction is it won't be very long before all the super-skinny stuff is "soooo yesterday".

Hope this helps. 

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Anonymous said...

A trick I learned from an italian is to do a double 4-in-hand, something I used to do by accident anyway

RGreenstreet said...

If you wanted to add more "heft" to your knot without sacrificing alot of length, I suggest buying extra-long ties. You can do the italian version of the 4-in-hand, even a platzport knot to give you that extra boldness in the knot. Just a suggestion.