Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reader Question: Denim Shirt


Ok here is a quick and easy one. Denim shirt. Should I? How should I pull it off?

Been looking at this one (below) from Banana Republic. Thinking I would get it, wash it a few times to give it a more worn-in look and wear it with dark unwashed jeans with a nice slim straight cut.  Thoughts?



I love denim shirts. I'm actually wearing one right now (a really beat-in version from RRL). I love the look. Styling can be a bit tricky though, but considering you are planning to lose your denim-shirt-virginity with jeans on, I'm assuming you know a thing or two about tricky styling. Just remember to keep the washes different, you don't want to end up looking like Jay Leno.

As a "safer" alternative, wear it with slim khakis, brown corduroys, or light gray jeans. Also, try to get a cut that is short enough that you can wear untucked, or nonchalantly half-tucked. And remember, you don't need to pair it with anything "in your face" or any loud accessories, the shirt already makes a statement.

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,


Anonymous said...

normally same denim on denim looks terrible, but I don't think Leno here looks that bad...

Jason said...

Oh yeah, I was planning on wearing it with a totally different, and much darker shade on the bottom.

If I go for it I really want to work on the shirt before I wear it and give it a custom beat up look.

Jason said...

Forgot to ask, but SB what are your thoughts on buying denim and giving it your own beat in look as that is what I am planning?

Site rocks as always. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I dont think leno looks "that" bad. If he lost a few pounds and toned up he would look better.

Just look at Clint Eastwood on the cover of GQ. He wears a denim shirt with a lighter shade of denim pant, and then rolls his shirt sleves so they can match with his pants. That's how you do it.

Anonymous said...

Want more SB!! need a fix...

Prez said...

What's the difference between a denim shirt and a chambray shirt?
@ Jason, let the "beat in" look happen naturally! If you actually wear your clothes, wear will happen. If you try to distress clothes yourself, you run the risk of overdoing it and ruining them!

Anonymous said...

what I gather is its a different weave and lighter cotton- denim shirts will have a contrast of fabric from the inside to the outside (like jeans, the inside will be a lighter shade)
-think the equivalent of linen pants to trousers as to what a chambray pair of pants would be to jeans, if that makes some kind of sense

Jason said...

I actually ordered that shirt from Banana Republic and then returned it. The wash darker then I had anticipated and I wasn't feeling it. No biggie as I got my money back.

I still want a denim shirt, but I will have to keep looking for the perfect one.

Anonymous said...

preacious advices!!! 'i'll tell it to my boyfriend! thanksssssss!!!
Mari from Italy.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! What about darker denim shirts? I just got one from Ralph Lauren and now wonder if too dark is not the way to go. What sort of jean (if any) can be paired with it? Is the lighter shaded denim shirt best?