Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Shopping!

I love shopping at second-hand and vintage stores. Not only is it a great way to shop on a budget, but you can find some really unique pieces. In fact, some of the most stylish people I know only shop at these kinds of stores! Check out these vintage threads I just picked up.

Plaid Wool "Work" Coat ($35)

To be styled with: This unique casual coat will look great paired with a washed oxford shirt, cardigan sweater, distressed jeans, and the Bean Boots I just wrote about.

The "little-more-out-there" stylist: Knowing me and the way I put things together, I might even wear this with a white club-collar oxford cloth shirt, a gray wool bow tie, slim dark jeans slightly rolled and broken-in burnished brogues. And something about this jacket goes perfect with my tan/brown Filson duffle.

Levi "Trucker" Jacket (I cut the sleeves off to wear it as a vest) ($30):

To be styled with: Throw it over the season's most popular shirt, the plaid flannel, and finish it off with a pair of slim chinos or cords and some brown suede chukka boots or classic sneakers like Chuck Ts

The "little-more-out-there" stylist: Use it as a layering piece under a chunky shawl collar cardigan or even a lightweight peacoat. And don't be afraid to wear it with jeans (preferably of a darker wash).

Wool Cowichan Sweater (with "square dance" on back!) $35

 Love this sweater. Reminds me of home (believe it or not, I grew up on a farm).

To be styled with: Throw it over a cropped untucked chambray shirt, gray broken-in chinos, and vintage chocolate lace-up boots

The "little-more-out-there" stylist: Slim tailored dress shirt, slim tie with tie bar, slim dress trousers, polished wingtips, chunky vintage cowichan sweater, Yes!

Hope this helps. Yours in style,


Anonymous said...

I like the clothes in this update! Hey Dan do you think that it would be possible for you to do like a list of stores in the city that you endorse for certain items...or am i reaching?

Jason said...

I'm feeling everything but that last sweater. It's just too church nerd grandpa for me.