Monday, October 5, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Perky Pocket

Don't you hate when your pocket square falls into your pocket and nobody can see it? Well I do.

Here's a quick and simple solution: pin it in place.

I usually do this with a simple lapel pin (the ones with the small gold clip on the backside). Reach down inside your breast pocket and stick the pin through your folded (or "puffy") pocket square and through the inside of your pocket so that the small clip is on the inside of your jacket.

For those who don't like the idea of making a small hole in your jacket lining, the same trick can be accomplished using small magnets.

There you go, no more pesky disappearing pocket accessories.

Yours in style, SB


shiborigirl said...

alternatively, you can take a couple of your business cards and using a rubber band secure the pocket square to the cards in a visually pleasing way. slip the cards and banded square down into the pocket for better stability-plus you'll always have a couple of spare cards on hand!
just a suggestion i make to my customers when they buy my pocket squares-

Bijan Moon said...

wouldn't tissue paper folded flat work too? thats my method nd it works just fine! a whole in an Armani suit is not

Al said...

Canadians are killing it! First Drake and now Dan T...