Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reader Question: Gym Attire

Hey Dan! I absolutely LOVE the blog (and I'm a woman!). Kinda wish you would include more pictures of yourself...I'm sure I'm not the only one curious as to what the "best dressed real man in America" is wearing =) Just a thought. Anyway, my question is about stylish/appropriate gym attire. My bf is never sure what to wear to workout and usually goes in his old frumpy college t-shirt. Any suggestions?


Hey! Thanks for reading. It's actually surprising how many messages I get from women who read my blog, so don't feel alone :) I'm glad you asked the gym attire question, its a popular one, and one that hits close to home. When I was an athlete in high school and college I literally lifted weights in rags and in a gym that (purposely) resembled a dungeon. It was all about toughness, grittiness and grunting. But now that I'm a grown man, no longer an athlete, and inevitably held to a standard after winning the said award, I've had to restructure my workout wardrobe.

First and foremost your gym attire needs to be functional. It should be comfortable, allow you to do full range of motion, and not get in the way of whatever exercise you are doing. Secondly, it is important, as when getting dressed for any occasion, to know and understand your body. If you sweat excessively wear darker colors to hide your wet patches and avoid leaving shiny streaks on the weight machines by keeping the cut-off shirts at home. Thirdly, keep in mind the movements you'll be making and dress accordingly; nobody wants to see a man's hairy lower back or sweaty upper thighs. Oh, and fourthly, no "wife-beater" tank-tops - no matter how "jacked" you are.

I usually wear workout specific "dry fit" polyester shirts because they contour the body without being sprinter-tight and they have "cooling" technology which (allegedly) breathes better than cotton and pushes sweat to the surface to ease evaporation and keep you dry and cool. With that I usually wear basketball shorts and running shoes with ankle socks, and an ipod clipped to the front of my shorts with the headphone wire running inside my shirt to keep it out of the way.

Hope this helps! -SB


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