Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reader Question: Double Monk


Hey Dan,
So I saw this latest post on The Sartorialist with Lino in a pair of double monk strap shoes:

I happened to find a nice pair by Allen Edmonds (link below), but what do you personally think of these shoes? (where should they be worn, color, etc.):

 PS: What are you thoughts on Allen Edmonds?
Thanks, man, hope all is well. (From a SEAS '08 alum)


Hey, thanks for the Columbia love!

I love double monkstrap shoes, they are certainly head-turners (especially when done with such Italian panache). However, I find it difficult to find a pair that has a sleek design and a nicely shaped toe, many look boxy and more "old school academic" than "bad ass stylish motherf-er" (as I like mine to look, hah). I'd say these Alan Edmonds fall in the first category more than the second.

Allan Edmonds is one of only two brands still making shoes in the US (the other being Alden), and their history is strongly woven into the national landscape since they provided shoes for the Army and Navy during WWII. They are excellently crafted shoes that will certainly outwear many other brands. With that said, though, there is something about their design that always struck me as suitable for older gentlemen who are not trying to make too much of a style statement.

Since you graduated in '08, my suggestion would be to find something slighlty more sleek. I would start with the Italian fashion houses. Take a look at the two pairs below by Prada and Gucci, respectively. It's kind of hard to explain, but see how their shape just looks more "style-aggressive" (the soles are not as bulky, the toes are sharply rounded, the monk straps are slimmer and slightly angled). These small details might not seem like a big deal, but it makes all the difference.

The price will be comparable to slightly more expensive than the A Edmonds, but remember the golden rule of buying footwear. Not to mention, if you get the right pair, you can wear them dressy, wear them casually...wear them as much as you f-ing want.

Thanks for reading,


Meet said...

You're the man, DT. Thanks for posting my e-mail! Maybe we'll meet once at the next CU young alum event...


Jason said...

Awesome looking shoes. I never considered wearing them that casually.