Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reader Question: Contrasting Opinions


Hey SB! LOVE the blog, my coworkers and I read it daily, keep it coming!

My question is concerning contrast collar shirts (i.e. colored shirts with white collars and cuffs). I've been trying to convince a coworker of mine that these shirts are outdated, but he stands by them. Perhaps you can solve our difference of opinion. What is your take? Thanks!


You, my friend, are 100% correct.

Unless you are dressing like Michael Douglas from Wall Street (or any other greedy '80s banker) for Halloween, these shirts should stay in the closet. It is a very difficult look to pull off without looking outdated, especially if the shirt is that once popular solid medium/royal blue color.

However, if you are planning on being MD for Halloween, don't forget the double pleated pants, the striped suspenders with white fasteners, and the gold tie bar cocked slightly at a downward angle (none of which are endorsed by this blog). Oh, and don't forget your loaf-of-bread-sized cell phone, which you should refer to as your "portable" phone.

In related news, keep an eye out for the well-tailored Shia Lebeouf in Wall Street 2 dropping February 2010.

Hope this helps solve your differences at work. Thanks for reading! -SB


L.A.S said...

Im a fan of casual oxford shirts with contrasting collars, only because it serves as a cool juxtaposition of a casual sport shirt with an elegant detail (as seen in the contrasting collar). But yeah, MD looks like shit looking back on his wardrobe.

Ismosanga said...

Disagree with you on that one. Contrast-collar can work if done right!

Robin said...

I agree the MD look in Wall Street is dated by todays standards, but a Winchester shirt without the extra bells and whistles such as gold tie bar, loud tie, loud handkerchief can still look sharp.

Because the shirt is so striking and bold the rest of the outfit must be muted to carry it off and avoid the yuppy 80's look. Just my opinion anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, love the blog, good to see a fellow Canadian and Windsorite (Well Belle River) doing good.

But I have to disagree with you on this one. I think that contrast collars look great, and can be very modern. (Although I prefer the ones with just the white collar, not the cuffs as well).

Most labels have been making these recently, and my favorite, Ralph Lauren features it as a mainstay in all of his lines. From the slim Black Label ones, to the American Living brand ones at JC Penny.

I think these shirt can make a suit look even more dashing, allowing the tie to "pop" out.

I think it is a shame when people reference this one movie, for such a classic collar that has been worn as far back as the 1900's, when they were attachable to the shirt.

Keep the posts comming!


Edin Shaba said...

I would have to disagree as well, and agree with Ismosanga, Robin and AB.
It is a lot more to it than MD in Wall Street.
Perfect with a nice silver suit and a golden/blue club tie.

FREEK said...

I am from Mumbai, India and follow up on your blog from time to time,
I disagree with your statement that the contrast colour shirt looks outdated, granted that with the suspenders, and the pleated pants Gecko may look very 80s, but lest we forget Gecko was the ultimate badass ( and a role model for me), As far as contras colours go, Zara does some great shirts, and as someone else pointed above, they really help make a oring business suit stand out that much more.

Vikram K