Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: A new shirt wardrobe for $20!

When wearing a suit with an open collar (no tie, one or two buttons undone) your best bet is to wear a button-down collar shirt so that the collar "sticks up", holds its form, and effectively frames your face.

The button-down collar:

However, most guys who wear ties on a daily basis generally have a collection of point or spread collar shirts (not button-downs) because these typically are easiest to pair with a tie. The problem is, when you remove your tie the collars on these shirts will flatten out and hide under your lapel, losing your collar's clean neckline.

See below...George's collar is "floppy" and doesn't frame his face, while Brad's stands upright which creates a nice clean line making him look more "put together". See the difference:

Therefore, in the past I would recommend that a man have one collection of shirts to wear with ties (typically with point, classic or spread collars) and a separate collection to wear open under a suit jacket (with button-down collars or large stiff-pressed collars).

The good news is, the solution is here...and it only costs $20. Warning...this might make you think "Damn! Why didn't I think of that!?"

They're called "Wurkin Stiffs". They're magnetic collar stays with small (but strong) magnets that hide inside your collar to effectively hold your collar open and up-right, making you look like Brad below (or at least making your collar look like his).

For more information on how these work, or to purchase them online, check 'em out here.

Yours in style, SB.


L.A.S said...

Clever idea, no doubt, but I can totally see losing the internal magnets during a night out on the town. If I am not wearing a tie out, there is most likely drinking involved and unless you get a few sets of replacement magnets I can see this being more trouble then its worth. I feel like these are metal color stays (my preferred option, with a starched collar of course) on steriods. The jury is out until I read an honest product review...

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks really good on the 'double-button' type collar (i think Brad has only one on the red carpet, but the same high-on-the-neck effect)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks especially good on 'double button' high collars (Brad I think is only one button, but same effect)

Anonymous said...

Wow, just read all of your blog in one sitting. Amazing! I am definately recommending this to my dad. You have great style.
Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for Wurkin Stiffs. I bought a set last year for me and my old man. Although I don't think my dad ever wears a collared shirt without a tie, I don't wear ties and I hate when the collar flops on my shoulders. Since ordering these (originally saw them on uncrate, but found them through styleforum) I have begun wearing all of those shirts that I couldn't get the collar up.

I have not lost any magnets during normal wear (since last nov.) but have lost them due to me be careless when putting shirts away. I ordered a bunch more magnets from their site cheaply so no biggie. Yes, the magnets are RIDICULOUSLY strong.

One of the few products I would take the time to endorse on a blog.

Lou said...

I don't know if you aproached this before - I'm new around here - but is it wrong to use button-down collar shirts with ties?


Theo said...

Great Post. I also can vouch for these, I got mine a few months back and swear by them. Posted something similar a few weeks ago, although my 'guy-with-perfect-collars' is Christian Troy from nip/tuck.

Keep up the good work.

jmoody15 said...

I've picked these up as well from a local mom-and-pop type of place. They work very well, as the magnets are pretty strong. I've never lost one. Having said that, I've never used them without a tie. But that's just personal preference.

On a similar note, what are the thoughts on the "hidden button" collars? That's with or without a tie. I'm about ready to trash all of my true buttondown collars, as they simly look cheap. But I'm debating a move towards either tab collars or a hidden buttondown collar.

Clinton said...

Although I applaud the entrepreneurs behind these little widgets, I'm sticking with my buttondowns.