Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tip-of-the-Day: Refresh Your Band

Hey all. I'm back. The trip was incredible. My boy Ryan and I had some great times, learned alot, did alot of thinking/self-reflection, and (the good news for ya'll) it inspired me to bring my blog to new heights. Thanks again to all of those who sent emails and comments while I was away, responses are on the way.

As my first post back, I'm going with one of the most popular features, the "Tip-of-the-Day".

Buying a quality timepeice can be a tricky investment, 1) Because it will (hopefully) last you many years and 2) Because it could potentially break the bank. Here's a little trick that can help you make the most out of your wristpeice.

You only need one watch. Keep it simple and classic (no deep-sea diving instruments or drag-race stopwatch features). Keep the face a neutral color (white or gray are your best bets). And keep the case a medium size (from 36mm - 40mm) - small enough to look classy under a shirt/suit cuff and large enough to look cool when wearing it casually with a pair of retro J's. As an example, here's a pic of the Montblanc Timewalker that I wear:

Now here's the secret. Invest in one of these:

It's a watchband replacement tool which allows you to easily (with a steady hand to avoid scratches) remove the wrist band from your watch and replace it with another, granted your watch has standard spring pins (most do, but look into it to make sure). It only costs $4.95 here, a small price to pay to turn one simple watch into an accessory with unlimited options.

Some people pay a watch repair man to change their band, but doing it yourself not only saves you time and money but it also allows you to change your band according to your outfit, making it a much more versatile (and unique) accessory. Here is a good video describing how to change your band:

The Watch Prince is a great place to shop for affordable bands, just make sure you know the width that you need (measured in mm, typically 18-22). Start with the essentials:

1. Black Alligator and Brown Alligator. The dressiest band, looks great with suits and ties...remember to match your skins (see Tip-of-the-Day May 4 2009).

2. Black Rubber. Wear it when the times call for something casual or when working out/running.

3. Striped Ribbon. Perfect for the summer, when things get a little more casual and brighter in color.

Once you have those basics you can start experimenting and putting your own spin on it (all with the same watch!). For example, check out my man Kenyatte Nelson, Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man 2008, playing with color and accessories:

Thanks for reading. Much more to come. Yours in style, Style Blogger


Anonymous said...

Saw this in GQ, always wondered how to do it yourself.
Also, your comeback post makes investing so much in a watch make more sense! Or, I guess I shouldn't call it a comeback...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Advertising comments SB, you're starting to get that buzz!

Anonymous said...

hey dan, nice post about watches.
that montblanc timewalker looks very nice indeed
could you recommend a few other models perhaps in a similar range of style as the timewalker? thanks

Garry said...

Nice to see you making time to blog about watch straps seems far faetched, they always say the secret to a great look is in a man's watch.