Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A man can never have too many...

I recently did an interview and was asked to fill in the blank: "A man can never have too many __________".

The answer is white dress shirts. Here's a secret of mine: although I change outfits all the time, sometimes a few times a day, and wear some off-the-wall stuff, I wear a white dress shirt probably 3-4 times a week.

A fresh white shirt is the perfect blank canvas to base your look around, it can be layered with basically anything, and it pops beautifully under a suit or jacket of any color. If you're ever not sure what color shirt to wear with a suit or tie, go with solid white. It never fails...so long as you keep the red wine in the glass and the red lipstick on her lips (or anywhere but on your collar ;)

Yours in style, Style Blogger.

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Anonymous said...

Do you get custom white dress shirts? If so, where and what places do you recommend? Also, where would you recommend made-to-measure at a good price point?