Friday, May 8, 2009

The Guys Who Are Making Suits Cool Again

Young people are wanting to wear suits more and more. Men are wearing suits to "business casual" events, out to night clubs, and even with sneakers and t-shirts on their own time.

90's businesses across the board, lead by Google and the other "techies", adopted a (very) casual dress code where suits were no longer necessary. In my opinion, this overly casual movement created an old-world nostalgia for the days when guys dressed like men and wore suits, and took care of business while "dressed for success".

In combination with that, some of the coolest cats in the media (from athletes, to actors, to musicians) are rocking suits on a regular basis...and we all know the fashion pull that celebrities have.

Here are some of the top players who are making suits cool again:

Justin Timberlake

Kanye West


Ari Gold

Mad Men

The Cast of the Ocean's Movies

David Beckham

P. Diddy

Remember the days when hip-hop artists dressed like this:

(If you are under the age of 15...Yes, that is P. Diddy, back when he was Puff Daddy)

I'd say it's been an improvement.


Anonymous said...

David Beckham's sleeves are way too long, and the pocket square eruptus is less than desirable. But none of that really matters with arm candy and a jaw and chin line you could chisel ice with.

RGreenstreet said...

Not to mention a very under-rated guy making suits cool again is Matt Lauer. He flies under the radar and he always has his suits well proportioned, very clean look and worn with ease.