Saturday, May 23, 2009

Father of the Groom

In order for a man to look his best, grooming (fresh hair cut, clean facial hair, etc) is essential.

The other day I was reunited with a group of old friends, and I was reminded of how unique my circle of friends really was. Many of the guys I grew up with did not necessarily have an interest in "fashion", but were always stylish and original. One friend in particular has incredible attention-to-detail when it comes to grooming. Check out my man in the picture below...while it may be a little extreme for some, the detail in the faded beard is inspiring.

A favorite quote of mine seems appropriate here: "the greatest limit on our creativity is the limit of our imagination".

Keep being unique and expressing yourself...trying too hard to "fit in" with everybody else causes you to lose your identity as an individual. I know, I know, this is becoming a little too deep for facial hair...but I love meeting people who are not afraid to be original.

Yours in Style, Style Blogger.

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