Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who is the Style Blogger?

The positive feedback continues to pour in, thanks for all the support!

The question of anonymity came up again in a conversation last night...apparently when people read a blog they really want to know who is writing it.

When I started this blog I wanted it to remain anonymous for a number of reasons, including taking the attention away from me and focusing on the subject and the content. I didn't want it to be a "look at me" thing.

...Have you ever read a novel and had a particular view of the protagonist in your imagination, but then that novel was made into a movie and the visual portrayal ruined the emotion and nostalgia you once had for its characters? I always hate when that happens. On that note, I think I will remain anonymous, at least for now, and remain the glorified hero in your minds. haha kidding of course.

Till next time, Style Blogger.

Sorry VM

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Al said...

Who are you?? lol. A short "about me" section would be nice, however.