Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tip-of-the-day: Don't forget your rubber

While we are on the subject of rainwear...I am often asked about what footwear I wear in the rain. For men, finding suitable waterproof footwear is no easy task. In fact, it seems as if women have it much easier than men in this area; throw on a pair of colorful rubber ducky boots and you are instantly cute.

Luckily, there is a manly and stylish male counterpart to the ducky boot. I've heard them called "rubber shoe covers" or "rubber shoe protectors" but I like to call them "shoe condoms". They are essentially hollow rubber outsoles that slip over your nice (and expensive) dress shoes so that they don't get ruined in the rain, or snow for that matter.

I usually only see them on older men - who understand the importance of protecting ones good leather shoes. Every time I see them though, I say to myself, "there's a guy who knows what he's doing". I've seen them at Paul Stuart, LL Bean and Jack Spade but you can probably get them at almost any men's furnishings store. Keep in mind that you don't need designer condoms, here's one area where you can skimp...on SHOE condoms that is.

I'm a perfectionist, so leave it to me to find rules for everything, including wearing shoe rubbers. The only tip I have, if you really want to go the extra mile, is to wear dark brown rubbers with brown shoes, and black with black.

So until next time, remember, don't be a fool...wrap your tool.

Yours in style, Style Blogger.

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