Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reader Question


What about popping your collar on a peacoat, a la James Dean? (see picture below)

Style Blogger:

Absolutely! James Dean is a tremendous style icon. He is regarded as the first to coin the "Effortless Cool" look...which is now known by many as "Disheveled Elegance" and is one of the top looks in men's style (a post on this is coming soon).

On top of being a great style influence, James Dean is also a great inspiration for a laissez-faire approach to life. Stick out from the crowd. Embrace youth. Live fast and hard. Sadly though, his story also reminds us that life is short. RIP JD.

Thanks for bringing up this point, I should have mentioned it in the earlier post on popped collars. I almost always wear my collar up when wearing a peacoat. This may or may not be due to unconsciousioulsy asking myself WWJDD :)

Thanks for reading! Style Blogger

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Anonymous said...

i myself need to pop my collar just for the warmth factor alone! love jd- went to his crash site and this memorial ground for him on my way home from san fran.