Monday, April 20, 2009

Reader Question: Underwear


Style Blogger, what is the most popular kind of mens underwear? With all the different kinds what is the best to wear and why?

Style Blogger:

Hey! Thanks for reading. Underwear is really one of those things that is totally a personal preference. Personally, I like the popular boxer-brief-hybrid style (extended legs but tight stretchy fabric) because they are comfortable and don't "bunch up" which can sometimes cause bumps that can be seen when wearing slim trousers. To be honest, just go with what is most comfortable for you, just make sure they are not to tight - which I've been told can reduce your sperm count.

Also, you might want to take into consideration that fact that you (hopefully) might not be alone when you take your pants off after a night out, so plan accordingly...chances are the hot girl from the bar won't be turned on when she sees your Family Guy novelty boxers.

Hope this helps. Yours in style, Style Blogger

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